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In the Streets: Altamonte Springs Jam

Altamonte Springs is a small city outside of Orlando with a lot of spots and even more local riders. We held a jam here to get everyone out to ride and it was a great turnout! The florida bmx scene is awesome. Thanks to all the sponsors of the jam, Shadow, Subrosa, Dead Krow Army, Grindworks, Jibb Crew, Mr.Bikes and Boards, Deco, Polar Pop Crew, and Frelo Bikes!

Alexis Desolneux – Skatepark of Tampa

Everything happens for a reason. I met Matt Coplon (who filmed clips and edited this) through writing letters and trading tapes/records of our respective obscure hardcore bands around 1995-96. None of us knew we both loved BMX until 1998 when I mentioned coming over to Florida to enter X-Games qualifications in St-Petersburg. When bridges between the DIY HC/punk and BMX scenes took me on bridges over the Tampa Bay. A place I had only heard of through its death metal history. It’s no coincidence I’m here, I love both. DEATH Leprosy. MORBID ANGEL Gateways to Annihilation. ASSÜCK Misery Index. REVERSAL OF MAN… And now HORSEWHIP. That music scene. These bands and records. These people.
Skatepark Of Tampa. The most iconic skatepark in the world. Supporting BMX since Day 1. UNBROKEN played in 1993. If only I could have been there. Or ASSÜCK. Or any of the many 90’s shows the park welcomed.

2018, I want to see this little edit as a chance to thank SpoT for the great times and all my people in Tampa, from BMX, skateboarding and music, and in more than one case sharing these worlds. Just like flatland can inspire some street/park riding. It’s all connected. This edit wouldn’t be without taking in all of these different sources of energy and inspiration.
Love riding to death. See you next time Tampa.

Slug Night
Wait to Pleasure
Mexican Summer records

Thank you:
Matt Coplon @Profile, Brian Schaefer and crew @SpoT, Jasamine White-Gluz & No Joy, Brett Rohlfing, Lucas Porzio and Tom Sevisual.

Swamp Wood Skatepark Grand Opening.

Oct 29th the FL BMX, Skate, and Scooter community joined together to welcome the opening of Swamp Wood Skatepark. Locals and legends rode together for a day of awesome shredding and fun. A huge thanks to everyone that had a part in making this dream come true!

Off Colonial, in the streets.

Colonial drive is a very large street in the middle of Orlando and it happens to have a lot of good spots. Some are classics while others haven’t been ridden by many people. I decided to hold a jam going along this street in order to bring everyone together and show them these spots. It was a great time none the less and I’m stoked on the bmx scene here! Thanks to the sponsors who hooked up product for the jam; Shadow Conspiracy, Subrosa Brand, Mr.Bikes and Boards, Grindworks, and Dead Krow Army.

-Matt P