TBR: Fools Gold.

TBR: Fools Gold. from TBR BMX on Vimeo.

Another installment of collected goings-on in and around Tampa Bay.
Filmed between June and October 2016.
Clips of David Gibson, Dan Orroyo, Thomas Sanders, Gavin Guinan, Steve Caro, Cory Schneider, Ryan Torrance, Juan Sanchez, Richie White, Alan Shirley, Eric Holladay, Pat Cousin, Doug Fines, Tre Wise, Alex Munoz, and Alex Lepak.
Good times in Tampa Bay.
Filmed and edited by Matt Coplon

3rd Annual Tampa Bay Labor Day FlatJam Recap, Video & Photo Galleries.

3rd Annual Tampa Bay Labor Day Flat Jam 2016 from Jay Marley on Vimeo.

The third annual gathering of twenty inch riders from all over the USA converged once again in a covered roller hockey rink in exotic Palm Harbor, FL. With a great turnout this year, the event had a new exercise featuring a “Jam Circle” format of Tricks for Cash! Money raised by the sales of raffle tickets went directly into the prize money for the contest winners, with these results –

Tricks for Ca$h Winners:
– Best Front Wheel: Dr. Dax Wolford ($100)
– Best Back Wheel: Dr. Dax Wolford ($100 & Shadow Raptor FC Hub)
– Best Front & Back Wheel Combo: Bill Nitschke ($120 & Shadow/Subrosa Merch)

- Best Old School Tricks: Bob Walter ($100 & Pork Chop BMX Box)

Honorable Mentions go to Scott Weaver, Mitchell Hall, Chris Babin, Teak Gabriel & Michael Alvarez for putting in amazing runs of highly original & very difficult trick combinations.

Special Thanks to Matt Coplon, MC Kip Williamson, our judges Chad DeGroot, Marcos Paulo DeJesus along with special guest judge & DJ Mark Eaton aka Lungmustard of the legendary Plywood Hoods for making our third jam the best one so far! It was truly an honor to have all of the above names involved, considering their dynamic influence on the Freestyle BMX industry for many years now.

Photo Galleries:
– Matt Coplon – http://tinyurl.com/jofbkqo
– Chip Riggs – http://tinyurl.com/zyw5cu9
– D.Floyd Images – http://tinyurl.com/h6pd3lm
– Contest & Raffle Winners – http://tinyurl.com/zbd39ot

Please support all of our sponsors, they help make this event & many others possible for donating their merchandise for the Raffle & Rider Prizes & Awards.

Many thanks to all the other riders, friends, family & spectators in attendance that drove from near & far… until next year, tell a friend … Monday, September 4 2017!

– Jay Marley, event organizer

Raffle Winners:
BIZHOUSE “Cake by the Ocean!” & various parts: April Odom
DECO BMX “Genius Handlebars & Grips”: Johnny from Arizona
DECO BMX “Flatland Seat & Grips”: Teak Gabriel
FLATLAND FUEL “T-Shirts”: those who bought 10 or more tix.
MADERA BMX “Pilot V2 Front Hub”: Ricky Lightsey
PEGASUS BMX “Well HD pegs”: ??? (name unknown)
PORK CHOP BMX “Old School Prize Pack”: Bob Walter
PROFILE RACING “Flatland Cranks”: Deborah Morrison
SAMPA BMX “Master Frame”: Ricky Lightsey
SHADOW CONSPIRACY “Raptor FC Hub”: Dr. Dax Wolford

T-Shirts, Grips, Coozies, Stickers & various miscellany were giving to random raffle ticket purchasers & winners from DECO BMX, EMMITT BMX, MASTER BLASTER PLANET, SHADOW & SUBROSA BRAND.

Mr. J. J. Marley

The mind of Adam Englert.

Love these edits from Adam.
Tongue and Cheek. Dialed selection of samples.
The essence of good times….Enjoy!

“The squad all went in this summer and had a blast. Nothing beats good times in good weather with good friends, especially when you’re on a bike.”

-Adam Englert