Florida Gold: An FL-BMX video contest hosted by Profile Racing


Florida Gold!
An FL-BMX video contest hosted by Profile Racing.
Starts today, December 1st, ends March 19th.

Here are the rules:

–Edit must include at least 3 riders, but cannot exceed 5.
–Can be filmed with anything (even phones).
–Filmer can help film for more than one entry. But, multiple submissions cannot have any of the same riders. *** Each video has to be unique in both content and riders involved.
–Video length: 2 to 2-1/2 minutes long.
–Can be any type of riding as long as it’s in Florida (Street, Park, Dirt and Flat). ***This will be a strict rule. Any clips found to be outside the state will be disqualified.
–The Song used in the edit must be cleared.
–Edit must have provided Profile book end (Available February 15th).
–Submission deadline is March 19th. Edits will start getting posted on www.fl-bmx.com starting March 20th and will run through March 31st.

–Judged by Profile’s Dillon Leeper, Grant Castelluzzo, Jeff Klugiewicz, Jake Seeley, and Jared Eberwein with these categories in mind:

1. Filming, editing
2. How much does it motivate the judge to ride?
3. Trick difficulty
4. Uniqueness of spots/spot usage
5. Entertainment level

Hand made Profile Racing trophies awarded in Bronze (3rd), Silver (2nd), and Gold (1st).
Winners announced at the after party of the last stop of the @flbmx series in Oviedo on April 1st.

And most importantly, have Fun!

Any questions, please contact matt@profileracing.com

Drop In Action Sports Complex Waiver

Stop one of the FLBMX contest series is going down this weekend at the Drop In Action Sports Complex.  You will need a waiver on file to ride the park.  If you are under 18 and your parent or guardian will not be there you will need to have the waiver notarized.  NO EXECPTIONS.  Here is the link.


TBR: Fools Gold.

TBR: Fools Gold. from TBR BMX on Vimeo.

Another installment of collected goings-on in and around Tampa Bay.
Filmed between June and October 2016.
Clips of David Gibson, Dan Orroyo, Thomas Sanders, Gavin Guinan, Steve Caro, Cory Schneider, Ryan Torrance, Juan Sanchez, Richie White, Alan Shirley, Eric Holladay, Pat Cousin, Doug Fines, Tre Wise, Alex Munoz, and Alex Lepak.
Good times in Tampa Bay.
Filmed and edited by Matt Coplon