Profile X DIG DIY Documentary #4: The Slaughterhouse.

Over the course of several sessions, we did our best to document one of the most unique DIY setups in the state of Florida.
Coming out of urban legend, on each visit the Slaughterhouse slowly revealed itself: On our final session we interviewed a squatter living in one of several compartmentalized rooms, honey-combed into this century old warehouse. From his stories, we had finally gotten the true history of the dilapidated old building…and then two weeks later, the Slaughterhouse burnt to the ground.

This is a celebration and memorial to the SL, Profile’s 4th DIY documentary for the 2016 series.
Thanks to Colin Jensen, Brad Campo, and Ben Meyer for the hospitality.
And to Mike Waling for creating, what will forever remain, an Urban, DIY legend.

Profile riders include Kent Pearson, Mark Mulville, and Chad Degroot.


Filmed and edited by Matt Coplon