Florida Gold Submission #4: Combat

Rad submission from JP Flanders.
Combing the streets of O-town day and night.
Here’s a couple words from JP:

“Over the past year Johnny, Andrew and I have been documenting some of the maneuvers we’ve been applying to the street spots of Orlando. All for a laugh and a chance to hang with friends. Never meant for vain glory or social status technology. Wasn’t too sure about even posting it online even, but ultimately I felt inclined to share this publicly with the few that it may resonate with. Between full time jobs, relationships, kids, injuries, and whatever else may come with adult existence, we managed to hold on to a few moments of the pure escapism, found in riding our bikes. For some of us, it’s tapping into something once left behind. For some it’s just a pastime ready to be left behind. No matter the approach, to all of us this is BMX. This is Combat.”

Florida Gold Submission #1: The Dirty Duval.

The Dirty Duval from Destin Kramer on Vimeo.

The Jax Crew is something else. Some of the most positivity is coming out of that scene and we’re grateful for their vibes and bad assery.
Here’s their submission conjured up by Destin Kramer…

A couple words from the man himself:

“Down here Duval County things get a little crazy sometimes. Sometimes making it happen means loosing the things that make you feel normal. All of the guys in this video have had to pull some strings on and off the bike to make there lives better. We might not have done it the best way every time but we hold our heads up and smile in the end. This video is here because no matter where life takes us we wanna blow off some steam on our bikes. If anyone needs to get away for awhile swing by The Dirty Duval and we’ll get you right! DUUUUUUUUUUUUUVAAAAAAAL!!!!!”

Profile X FLBMX’s Florida Gold is a wrap!

On behalf of both Profile and FLBMX, thanks to everyone for their Florida Gold video contest submissions.
This was, essentially, an excuse to get multiple crews together to ride, film, edit, and most importantly, have fun doing all three over the course of the last 3-1/2 months.

We got a grand total of 22 entries where we will be posting 1 edit a day over the next month.
Each edit will be labelled #1 through #22 so the judges can better identify when scoring.

The five categories the judges will consider are:

1. Filming, editing
2. How much does it motivate the judge to ride?
3. Trick difficulty
4. Uniqueness of spots/spot usage
5. Entertainment level

From here, we will pass the torch along to Profile’s judges; Jake Seeley, Grant Castelluzzo, Jared Eberwein, Jeff Klugiewicz, and Dillon Leeper.

Congrats (and thanks) to everyone for making the Florida Bmx scene something we’re all stoked to be a part of!
Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony after the last stop of the FLBMX series on April 15th.

Thank you!

-Matt Coplon