St. Pete’s Campbell Park Skatepark is a go!


After a long educational battle with the City of St. Pete, bikes will be allowed at the Campbell Park Skatepark.

Ground breaking is this Friday at 9:30am…get stoked! And when council meetings pop up in your area for any potentially new skateparks, do your best to attend and spread the word. Bmx will be put to the way side unless they hear our voices. Support!


First Annual Streetlando Jam

The Orlando bmx scene has been in a slump lately so I decided to hold a jam in downtown to bring everyone together to ride! We hit up some of my favorite spots along the outskirts of downtown. At the end of the day we had a product toss with so many prizes from all of the sponsors. Thanks so much to shadow conspiracy, subrosa brand, deco, mr.b’s, daily grind, looking for spots, and dead krow army for hooking it up!

-Matt P