Skatepark of Tampa: Summer of 2014.

From 1991 to 1992, there was a vert ramp jammed in a tiny warehouse in Avon Park (across the street from Tampa Stadium). This was the beginning of Tampa as Vert skating capital of the US. I was 15, and with a group of other riders my age, we’d get our parents to drop us off every Saturday night.
None of us knew how to ride vert, but we’d carve that monster ramp late into the night. It never got old.
Beyond that, all those vert skaters were real cool to us, always down to let us session: Brian Schaefer, Paul Zitzer, Mike Frazier, etc…

A year later, Skatepark of Tampa opened (1993). And from the get go, Schaefer and crew were 100% down with bmx. We’d ride by day, and by night, SPoT would serve as venue for some of the best hardcore/punk shows in the history of this city.

Now, 21 years later, they’re still completely behind us. This coming year will be the 5th annual SPoT Roast. In between, at some point, we’ll be throwing another bowl jam.
Hours are below…Thanks again to SPoT and Brian Schaefer for years of support.
Stoked to have this historic park in our city.

Here’s a mix I put together of some of the locals who always make the sessions dialed.

Monday through Sunday: Bowl is open for Bmx.
Wednesday: Open noon to 9pm for Bmx (whole course).
Sunday: Open 7pm to 10pm for Bmx (whole course).


-Matt Coplon

Skatepark of Tampa: Summer of 2014. from TBR BMX on Vimeo.